Pearson-Kelly Technology: Our Story

Pearson-Kelly is a managed service provider that offers businesses more than just technology. We work with businesses across the region to build strategic plans that meet bottom-line business goals and implement initiatives that make it easier for employees to get work done.  It’s our responsibility to ensure you have the right tools and team to succeed.

Over 20 Years of Partnering with
Local Businesses...and Counting


Pearson-Kelly was Founded in Springfield, MO


Chelsey Bode Joins the Team to Grow Sales


Pearson-Kelly Acquires Robinett Copiers and Printers


Kelly Acquires Pearson's Shares


Chelsey Bode Partners with Kelly


PKT Opens 2nd Location in Joplin, Missouri


PKT is Named one of the top 12 Fastest Growing SMBs in the Market


PKT Launches Their Managed IT Division


Chelsey Bode Acquires Kelly's Shares in Pearson-Kelly


Pearson-Kelly Acquires Digital Printing Solutions


Pearson-Kelly Opens 3rd Location in Rogers, AR

Pearson Kelly Technology
What we Stand For

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What we do may change from client to client, but how we drive results doesn’t. For our relationship to work, you must trust us to do what’s in your business’s best interest, so we build a partnership framework built on respect, honesty, and communication.


This is one of the most essential tenets of our business, and our leadership team models it well. We believe that honesty and openness about what’s happening in our business and community is the best way to ensure a culture of respect, gratitude, and dedication.


We place a high premium on the education and ongoing development of our technicians and experts. Through continuous professional development, we ensure that our team stays at the forefront of technology, offering clients the most effective solutions to meet their business needs in an evolving technological landscape. We believe that investing in our staff's education is essential for maintaining the highest standards of service and expertise, empowering them to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Creating Positive Changes in Our Communities with Pearson-Kelly

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Active contribution and engagement within our communities is a fundamental aspect of PKT's identity. This is why we collaborate with organizations that transform our neighborhoods positively. PKT takes immense pride in the beneficial influence we've instilled in our communities.

At PKT, we understand that our corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond mere philanthropy. It's about building meaningful partnerships, fostering sustainable growth, and setting an example of ethical leadership. By investing in social initiatives, we give back to the communities supporting our business. Our CSR efforts are designed to address local needs, providing resources, education, and opportunities that empower individuals and promote overall well-being.

Ranked top 20 best places to work 3 years running,
Let’s work together.