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Cannata Report Profiles Pearson-Kelly

The Cannata Report profiled Pearson-Kelly Technology to discover why it's so successful. The answer: it's culture and ability to find...

The Cannata Report Profiles Pearson-Kelly

The Cannata Report regularly profiles organizations they deem innovative to showcase what makes them stand above the crowd. In June 2021, they profiled PKT. What did they find? Our success is rooted in our culture and ability to identify new opportunities.

We don’t want to hear about the competition. We frankly don’t care. We probably don’t do as much competitor research as we should. Instead, we compete with ourselves. All we can do is continue to be a better form of ourselves. If we stay focused, keep our heads down, and [understand] who we are and want to be, the rest will work itself out.
– Chelsey Bode, President & Owner

Building a Successful Culture

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re a high-energy, fast-paced organization, and it takes the correct type of person to succeed here. It’s part of the reason we shy away from acquisitions. We’re specific about who we hire and why. All of which is dictated by our core values. They dictate who we hire, how we coach, and when we separate. They’re our guideposts and ensure we all work together towards a common goal.

The other thing we do is hyper-focus on us. We compete with ourselves and look to other Managed Service Providers to double and triple our size for guidance and inspiration. We find it keeps us focused on our client experience and keeps us stable because we’re staying true to our why.

Growth Plans for PKT

We are looking to be double in size in three years from where we end this year. Our 10-year plan is pretty scary but keeps us on track and our heads high.
– Chelsey Bode, President & Owner

We look at growth from two perspectives: current assets and geographic expansion.

Our three-year goal is to double in size both financially and in staff. How? By continuing to provide new and needed technology products and services to our clients. In 2018, we launched our Managed Voice and Business Phone Service offering. Since then, we’ve also launched Managed IT Services and Surveillance Cameras. If our “why” is to simplify business technology, it’s a no-brainer to us that we’ll continue to add product and service offerings our community needs to grow.

We also plan to expand into Northwest Arkansas. While we currently service the area, as well as Oklahoma and Kansas, we’re looking at hiring and growing our footprint, specifically in the Northwest Arkansas area, over the next few years.

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