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Welcome to the world of Verkada security cameras from Pearson-Kelly, where we take your business security to the next level. Our top-of-the-line security cameras offer unparalleled visibility and control over your business premises.

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Why Business Security is Essential

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Business security is essential in protecting your assets, employees, and confidential information from potential threats. Investing in business security cameras and video surveillance systems is not just about monitoring your premises; it's about safeguarding the future of your business.

These systems provide real-time visibility, enabling swift responses to any security incidents, and can deter potential criminals. With technological advancements, businesses can enjoy AI-based video analytics, automatic alerts, and cloud-managed solutions, enhancing their incident response time.

Whether a small business or a large enterprise, a secure and reliable surveillance system like Verkada can be a game-changer with its extensive range of cameras and innovative features. After all, security
is not an expense but an investment in peace of mind and business continuity.

Why Verkada Security Solutions is the Best for Your Business

Verkada Security Solutions offers a comprehensive and efficient approach to business security and video surveillance. Their scalable system ensures minimal bandwidth usage, with cameras capable of storing footage locally and streaming encrypted thumbnails to the cloud, allowing for the management of thousands of cameras per location while maintaining full functionality.

Verkada's centralized Command platform combines all camera feeds for easy, secure access and improved control. Businesses can enhance their security monitoring and response capabilities with customized alerts for offline cameras or unusual activity. Advanced features include AI-based video analytics, automatic alerts, and unlimited cloud archiving.

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Verkada Security Cameras Features

AI-Based Video Analytics

Verkada security cameras come equipped with AI-based video analytics for advanced security monitoring. This feature offers an intelligent and automated system that can detect unusual activity and trigger alerts, ensuring enhanced security for your business.

Automatic Alerts

One of the critical features of Verkada cameras is the automatic alerts. These instant notifications of security events ensure that you are always aware of what's happening on your premises, allowing for quick action in case of security breaches.

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Verkada offers unlimited cloud archiving for long-term storage of your video footage. This feature ensures you never lose any vital footage and can access it anytime, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience.

Adaptive Quality

Adaptive Quality is a unique feature that ensures optimal video streaming based on available bandwidth. You can still enjoy high-quality video streams without interruptions, even with limited network resources.

Tamper Detection

Verkada security cameras are designed with a tamper detection feature that alerts users of any attempts to tamper with the cameras. This ensures the integrity of your surveillance system and protects it from potential external threats.

Durable Design

Verkada cameras are built with durability in mind to withstand various conditions. Whether it's extreme weather or harsh environments, these cameras can handle it all, ensuring reliable and continuous security monitoring.


With Verkada, data security is a priority. Your video footage is encrypted both in transit and at rest, ensuring that your security surveillance data is protected against unauthorized access.

10-Year Warranty

With Verkada, you get a comprehensive up to 10-year warranty for peace of mind. This extended guarantee period shows Verkada's confidence in their product's durability and reliability, protecting your investment.

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Verkada Security Cameras Models

With the constant evolution of technology, security systems have become more sophisticated, more integrated, and more crucial to the smooth running of businesses. Verkada, a leading provider of cutting-edge surveillance solutions, offers a range of security cameras, each designed to cater to unique security needs.

verkada dome camera
Verkada Dome Cameras
The Dome series cameras from Verkada are designed to be easily installed and operational within minutes. These Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras eliminate the need for NVRs or DVRs, storing up to 365 days of footage locally.
verkada mini series camera
Verkada Mini Series Cameras
Compact yet powerful, the Verkada Mini series cameras are perfect for businesses looking for sleek, discreet security solutions. Despite their small size, these cameras pack a punch in performance, providing high-quality footage and seamless streaming.
verkada fisheye camera
Verkada Fisheye Cameras
For businesses that need a wide field of view, the Verkada Fisheye cameras are an excellent choice. These cameras offer panoramic coverage, reducing the number of cameras needed to monitor large areas.
verkada bullet camera
Verkada Bullet Cameras
The Verkada Bullet cameras are designed for harsh conditions. These robust cameras are built to withstand harsh weather and challenging environments, making them ideal for outdoor use. Equipped with high-quality streaming, AI analytics, and automatic updates.
verkada multisensor camera
Verkada Multisensor Cameras
The Verkada Multisensor cameras are a perfect fit for businesses requiring detailed coverage. These cameras feature multiple sensors, providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings. With rich features, including AI analytics, automatic updates, and cloud archiving.
verkada ptz camera
Verkada PTZ Cameras
The Verkada PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras offer flexibility and comprehensive coverage. These cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom to monitor large areas and track movements. Featuring AI analytics, automatic updates, and cloud archiving.

Verkada Command Center

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Verkada's Command Center is a powerful and intuitive security solution that offers scalability, centralized monitoring, remote access, efficient threat detection, and ease of use. It is designed to simplify and streamline the management of your security systems, regardless of the size and complexity of your infrastructure.

The Command Center platform allows you to add more devices and sites as your business grows effortlessly. The intuitive user interface allows you to manage multiple devices and sites easily, and the platform can be easily integrated with new devices. Moreover, the setup process is simplified, allowing you to add devices in just a few minutes.

Using this platform, you can gain actionable insights from your devices, monitor your sites from a centralized platform, and access real-time data for informed decision-making. Command Center eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools, improving efficiency and streamlining operations.

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