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IT Solutions

Helping Build Your Business with IT Projects

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Whether you’re looking at purchasing new hardware, switching phone or internet providers, or upgrading your internal systems, our team helps manage the entire project process. We work with you to identify goals, fine-tune your budget, purchase new hardware or services, and implement solutions.

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What are Managed
IT Projects

Managing an IT project involves detailed processes, including strategizing, organizing, implementing, supervising, and evaluating IT-related tasks. This is not restricted to the IT industry alone; almost every sector has some degree of IT involvement. IT projects are often expansive, encompassing a variety of elements such as risk management, interconnected systems, software upgrades, and managing changes in project scope, among others. Successfully coordinating an IT project to completion necessitates a deeper understanding and utilization of project management techniques beyond the conventional ones.

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The Benefits of Partnering with
PKT for IT Projects

Managed IT Projects from Pearson-Kelly offer a multitude of benefits. Enlisting the expertise of seasoned professionals like Pearson-Kelly gives you access to specialized expertise, enhancing IT project outcomes. Outsourcing offers the flexibility and scalability to adjust project teams based on changing requirements; Pearson Kelly's managed IT projects ensure risk mitigation and compliance.

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Specialized Skills

Leveraging PKT provides an opportunity to engage a comprehensive group of technical experts and specialists. This external resource can either enhance the capabilities of your existing internal team or serve as a complete substitute.

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Risk Management

Engaging the services of an outsourced IT provider enhances your business's resilience by drawing upon trusted professionals, each well-versed in the intricacies of network security and regulatory adherence.

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Simple Scalability

Our IT services are structured with a transparent, flat-fee pricing model that corresponds to the quantity of workstations, servers, and users within your organization. This approach ensures that as your business expands and you incorporate additional users.

PKTs Professional IT Projects Include:

Budget & Timeline Preparations

This service involves the development of a comprehensive financial plan and timeline for your IT project. It includes estimating and allocating resources, predicting expenses, and setting up a schedule to ensure the project is completed within the stipulated time and budget constraints.

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Technology Procurement

This service involves acquiring all necessary technology, software, and hardware for implementing your IT project. It includes assessing needs, researching options, negotiating with vendors and suppliers, and ensuring that all technology purchased aligns with the project's goals and requirements.

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Project Lead for Management
& Communication

Pearson-Kelly provides a dedicated project lead who acts as the main point of contact between all project stakeholders. The project lead
is responsible for coordinating tasks, managing the project team, communicating progress and updates, and resolving any issues or conflicts that may arise.

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Implementation & User Training

This service involves the actual execution of the IT project, including installing and configuring technology and ensuring that it functions as expected. It includes providing comprehensive training to all end-users to ensure they understand how to use the new systems or software effectively. This service aims to minimize disruption and enhance productivity during and after the project implementation.

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