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Welcome Tyson Johns, Director of Finance

Pearson-Kelly Technology hired Tyson Johns, CPA, as their Director of Finance. Johns has over 11 years in the tech industry.

Welcome Tyson Johns as Director of Finance

We’re excited to announce we hired a Director of Finance, Tyson Johns!

In April 2022, Pearson-Kelly Technology hired Tyson Johns as its new Director of Finance. Johns has 11 years of experience in the copier industry in Springfield, Missouri.

We’d been looking for a Director of Finance for a while but couldn’t find the right fit. Getting Tyson on our team was a no-brainer. He worked in our industry, knows our business, and fits our culture. Win-win-win.
– Chelsey Bode, CEO & Owner

Johns started his professional career in public accounting at BKD. After working with BKD clients across the country for two years, he entered the private accounting space at Corporate Business Systems as their Finance Director in the fall of 2009.   Learn more about his experience as a leader and in the finance industry in this podcast episode!

While he never intended to stay in the copier space long, Johns spent the next seven years rising through the ranks to CFO and then President and CEO, where he also successfully managed the merger of Corporate Business Systems and SumnerOne.  After leaving SumnerOne in 2020, Johns consulted with businesses across the Springfield metro area before landing at Anything Possible Brands in 2021.

I worked with Tyson at Corporate Business Systems and never thought I’d get the opportunity to work with him again. I’m excited to get another opportunity to learn from him.
– Lee Flood, President

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