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The Cannata Report Talks Cybersecurity Concerns

Chelsey Bode talked about the cybersecurity concerns Pearson-Kelly often hears from clients and our approach to cybersecurity.

Virtual Panel on Cybersecurity

Each year, The Cannata Report asks different organizations nationwide to weigh in on a host of topics relevant to the technology industry. The goal is to provide technology companies and their customers with different and diverse perspectives from across the country. In this virtual panel, The Cannata Report asked six organizations, including Pearson-Kelly Technology, about their conversations about cybersecurity concerns and how each approaches security in their business.

Cybersecurity: A Common Theme

Each organization said they’re increasingly conversing with clients and non-clients about cybersecurity concerns. While some organizations offer Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity Services, cybersecurity continues to be a point all of them push, even when only having conversations about hardware or Managed Print Services.

How Pearson-Kelly Approaches Cybersecurity Concerns

We work with the customer to ensure their secure and protected environment with a disaster and recovery solution. We start with a non-intrusive network scan to get an overview and look for network vulnerabilities. We then address issues with hardware (firewall) and software (A/V and spyware protection). Many vulnerabilities can be fixed through proper firewall configurations and employee education.

Regarding the security of information embedded on the copier, we have a process that sanitizes the machines before they leave the customer’s office to ensure the customer’s data is completely removed from their old devices. Additionally, we offer onsite Hard Drive removal or destruction with serialized certification if requested. On the cybersecurity side, we keep the firmware up to date to address any vulnerabilities the manufacturer finds. We turn off protocols on the copiers that are not being used across the network to prevent holes from being opened. We only send data from the building using current encryption standards (email).

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