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PKT Talks Culture & Recruiting

Pearson-Kelly leaders Chelsey Bode and Lee Flood talked about how to build a culture for small businesses at their EdTalk. Watch the recording inside.

Build a Small Business Culture That Attracts Customers and Employees

On April 28, Pearson-Kelly Technology leaders Chelsey Bode and Lee Flood discussed the rapid success of the business and how to build a culture that attracts and retains game-changing talent. Their presentation, held in Joplin, highlighted the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as the foundation for the people and revenue success the company has seen over the last three years.

Watch the Recording

PKT's 5 Building Blocks for a Winning Culture

Business success isn’t guaranteed. It takes patience and determination to take your business from being family-owned to being a significant player. Pearson-Kelly Technology has seen revenue increase 50 percent in the last three years and staff increase 20 percent. The leadership team attributes their success to 5 core beliefs:

You Need an Operating System

Obviously, the team at PKT recommends the Entrepreneurial Operating System as it's what they’ve used to grow from a 30-person team to 40-plus. You don’t have to use EOS, but every business needs a solid foundation for managing people's energy.

You Need to Define a Vision

A vision is more than a six-word phrase you use for marketing. It’s a finish line to keep your team moving down the right path and prioritizing the right projects.

Define Your Core Values

Core values help you identify killer talent walking down the street, pursue and recruit those individuals, and build a lasting team that drives your business forward. They also help you coach leaders from within your organization and help you determine when it's time to separate.

Put Structure Before People

When you build positions for people, it’s nearly impossible to create redundancies. When structuring your business, theoretically fire everyone. Consider the positions you need for your business to function and build a structure for overall success. Only then should you start filling those positions with people.

Put It All to Use

The worst thing you can do is pick an operating system, define your vision, build a structure, and identify killer talent, only never to put it to consistent use. Vision, structure and core values are pieces to your business that should be constantly evaluated and updated to reflect where you are and where you want to go.

What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)?

EOS is a business structure and philosophy that helps leaders clarify their vision, gain traction, and increase team health through simple, proven, and practical tools. It’s designed to make every day more manageable. With EOS:

➤ Solve issues before they become problems

➤ Get the right people in the right seats

➤ Build a culture of accountability

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