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Pearson-Kelly Technology Hosts Incident Response Event

Did you miss our Incident Response event? Check out the recording and get access to the Incident Response Program toolkit!

Pearson-Kelly Hosts Incident Response Event

Pearson-Kelly Technology and Springfield Tech Council co-hosted Who You Gonna Call: Building an Incident Response Plan on June 2, 2022, with Drew Sanford, VP of Global Security Operations at ConnectWise.

Most cybersecurity topics focus on preventative actions small businesses can take to AVOID an attacker getting into their network. But because of that, many businesses are unprepared when an attacker gets through their defenses. To help prepare businesses for this very real scenario, Sanford discussed the purpose of an Incident Response Program and how business leaders can build their own.

He explained a success program includes three components:

  1. A Policy
  2. A Plan
  3. A Procedure

These three pieces work together to ensure your team is prepared and responsive when a security incident happens.

Every second counts, especially when your systems are down, locked behind a paywall, or inaccessible to your team. That costs money, and it damages your reputation. Spend the time and money now to create your attack strategy, and it’ll be faster and easier for your response team to find and eliminate threats to your business during a security incident.

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