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Industry Expert Panel on Growth in Technology

Great America brought eight experts to their Industry Expert Panel to discuss ways technology companies can grow their businesses post-pandemic.

Industry Expert Panel by GreatAmerica Interviews Chelsey Bode

The first quarter of 2021 is closing in on us. GreatAmerica consulted eight industry experts, including Pearson-Kelly's own Chelsey Bode, for an Industry Expert Panel on the question: What should solution providers be doing to overcome the obstacles 2020 thrust in our paths? They discuss the top areas technology companies should focus on to grow sales and protect margins.

Bode's Insights Shock the Status Quo

  1. Work on Building Your Brand
    Bode believes that the key to growing a successful and profitable company, especially in times of economic uncertainty, is to create an experience people want to be a part of. If marketing and sales aim to get noticed, standing out from the crowd by showcasing your culture is one easy way to do that. When using this strategy, the goal isn't the immediate sale. It's to be the one organization that comes to mind when a company has a “trigger event” and enters the need phase.
  2. Stop Selling
    This belief may seem counterproductive, especially to most owners and sales directors trying to increase revenue after 2020's lockdown, but Bode says success isn't about selling; it's about understanding the client. PKT's top-producing reps with the highest margins have no sales backgrounds. Instead, they focus on the client's needs and experience. The revenue and margin work themselves out.

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