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Industry Difference Maker 2018

In the article, Chelsey Bode is highlighted for her influential role as president of Pearson-Kelly Technology, crediting her father's impact on her career and her ability to create technology blueprints for clients. The piece also discusses the company's significant growth, Bode's balanced approach to leadership, and her personal life, including her family and hobbies.

Sneak Peek

Chelsey Bode is confident that Pearson-Kelly Technology can continue to flourish during 2018, aided in no small measure by the dealership’s strong managed services initiative in which the company has invested aggressively. Learning is a journey as opposed to a destination, and Bode believes this will serve the company well moving forward.

“We are in one of the most exciting industries that consistently dictates change in other industries,” she pointed out. “Trying to stay ahead of the curve while remaining relevant to client needs will always be a challenge.”

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