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How PKT Manages IT Projects

Need help with IT projects? PKT has a tested, four-step process guaranteed to make IT implementations easier on you and your team.

IT projects are the backbone to any good outsourced IT relationship. Your provider should be able to quickly and accurately implement any technology you need.

Pearson-Kelly Technology takes IT projects a step further, though. We don’t just want to implement your tech and leave you to your own devices. We want to ensure you’re comfortable using it and are satisfied with the project as a whole.

it project management flowchart

PKT's IT Project Process

Our entire process for client projects provides peace of mind. You set the expectations for how you want to see the technology deployed and are kept in the loop every step of the way. We aim to see your tech implemented accurately and your team comfortable using it before a project is complete.

1. Requesting IT Projects

You can request a project from your Account Manager or vCIO at any point during your partnership agreement. And the first thing they will do is start asking you many questions.

They’ll want to know the goals behind the project and how you need it to work within your environment. More importantly, they’ll ask you how you want to see it used within your organization.

We need to know all of this information for two reasons: to make sure the tech you’re wanting an ROI, and so our project team understands what you expect of them.

2. Creating the Plan for IT Projects

Your Account Manager or vCIO will create a Scope of Work (SoW) for each of your project requests. It includes the basics of what you need to complete the project, how the technology will fit inside your established environment, and an overview of what the end solution should look like.

Once you sign off, the SoW informs your project team about the software or hardware you ordered.

From there, PKT’s Project Lead hand-selects a team of implementation specialists to work on your project and develop the project plan. That plan walks through the technical steps of installation and deployment and the timeline for completion. During this process, the Project Lead will contact you to schedule on-site deployment and send over any tracking information for ordered hardware.

3. Deployment Day

By the time our implementation specialists walk through your doors, we’ll have completed most of the configurations on your technology. So, the bulk of the work at your office is setting up any physical hardware and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during deployment.

Before they leave, your Implementation Specialists will walk a few users through the tech so they are comfortable using it once our team returns to the office.

4. Post-Installation

You can submit troubleshooting tickets directly to your Implementation Specialists up to a week after deployment. By the end of that week, PKT’s project lead should have reached out to you again to close out the project. They’ll walk through the steps they took and ensure there are no outstanding issues or tasks.

Communicating with Your Project Team

Once your Project Team receives the paperwork from your Account Manager, the Project Lead will contact you for a Kick-Off call. During that call, you are introduced to your entire project team, which walks you through the project to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Throughout the project timeline, you’ll receive updates from your Project Lead. If you have questions about a project or want to check on its status, you can email or call your Project Lead anytime.

After project deployment, your Project Lead will again contact you to ensure you’re satisfied with the completed project and your team is comfortable. Projects are not closed out until the Project Lead receives confirmation that you believe the project can be closed.

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