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Employee Spotlight: Karen Smith hits 15 years at Pearson-Kelly Technology

Karen Smith, the face and voice of PKT as Office Coordinator, reaches her 15-year milestone with Pearson-Kelly Technology.

This month, Karen Smith celebrates her 15th anniversary at Pearson-Kelly Technology. Karen’s passion, dedication, and infectious positivity make her invaluable to our team. So, we’re putting her in the spotlight and showcasing her journey with PKT!

What Do You Do at PKT?

In her day-to-day role, Karen wears many hats. She provides top-notch customer service, handles service and toner requests, champions our social media presence, and handles various administrative tasks. Her versatility and dedication to delivering the best experience for our customers shine through in every task she undertakes.

Karen and her team embody the perfect balance of working hard and playing hard. They are dedicated and hardworking individuals who know how to have fun. She expressed complete confidence in her teammates. She said that when she transfers a customer to them, she knows “they will be taken care of correctly and efficiently.” It’s this trust and teamwork that make PKT’s customer service exceptional.

What Do You Think Is Your Greatest Accomplishment at PKT?

When asked what makes Karen a great employee, Tyson Johns, Pearson-Kelly’s Director of Finance and Karen’s supervisor, highlighted her unmatched passion for the customer service experience. “Karen consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that every interaction feels like a true red carpet-experience,” he said. “She constantly seeks ways to improve and make a lasting impact.”

Karen also highlighted her ability to embrace change. Despite initially being uncomfortable with it, she quickly learned that stepping outside her comfort zone and trusting the process is essential for personal and professional development.

Karen’s growth and adaptability in her role at PKT are evident to her manager. Every quarter, she takes on new skills and initiatives to enhance her work and personal life. The latest example? According to Tyson, she independently enrolled in Microsoft Excel courses to better assist her team with their projects.

Why PKT? What Makes It a Great Place to Work?

Karen describes PKT as a true family environment. “You’re not just a number,” she said. “Everyone has a voice, and we all work together as a team towards a common goal.” This sense of unity and camaraderie is what sets PKT apart.

As a family-owned company with many long-term employees, the bonds run deep. The PKT team supports each other through thick and thin, celebrating victories and providing strength during challenging times. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Karen draws inspiration from many of her colleagues, but one person stands out—Chelsey Bode. Karen has been there since day one, watching Chelsey grow from a sales account representative into the driving force behind PKT. Chelsey’s hunger for success, continuous learning, and unwavering pursuit of excellence have motivated Karen to push herself further.

What Has Your Experience Been Like at PKT?

Over the years, Karen has witnessed countless changes within the company. From starting as a small provider of multi-function printers and services, PKT is now one of the area's leading IT management and business solutions providers. The company’s constant growth and transformation inspire her to anticipate what’s next for PKT.

When it comes to connecting with our mission, Karen resonates strongly with providing customers with support and integrity. She knows that any company can sell products, but says PKT is different: “We stand by what we offer and support our customers with confidence.” This unwavering commitment has allowed her to witness countless success stories of our customers’ growth and development.

Looking ahead, Karen is excited about PKT’s future. With a strong core of visionaries, financial experts, security specialists, and top-notch sales and service professionals, she is confident that PKT will continue to thrive and expand. The possibilities are endless, and Karen is thrilled to be a part of this journey.

Congratulations on 15 Years, Karen!

Karen’s contribution to the goals of PKT as an organization cannot be overstated. She is a team player, always striving for excellence and ensuring our customers receive the best possible support. Her positivity and dedication uplift the entire team, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Karen’s infectious smile and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to PKT. Her passion for the company and customer service is unmatched. She continually goes the extra mile to make a positive impact. We are truly grateful to have Karen in our PKT family!

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