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Chelsey's first-hand account of COVID-19 | ENX Magazine

Chelsey Bode of Pearson-Kelly Technology talks about her experience with COVID-19: how it affected her family, her health, and how she runs her business.

When fantasy football throws you a curve ball, you adapt and keep moving forward. Check out ENX Magazine’s feature on Chelsey and her battle with COVID-19. Scroll down to read the full article.

Sneak Peek

“Her biggest fear throughout the experience was the knowledge that they had exposed her parents (and the Bode children) to the virus, although everyone else was symptom-free. Her only other exposure consisted of being near two Pearson-Kelly employees in the break room earlier in the week, and Chelsey informed them that she was symptomatic. Fortunately, they were not infected.

“I’ve steered clear of the office since (testing positive),” she said. “Frankly, it’s almost like you have leprosy, the way people react when they hear it. My doctor told me to stay away from the office for five to eight days after the symptoms end, and I was cleared on Sept. 18. I didn’t go back until the week of the 28th.”

Fortunately, Chelsey has been able to quarterback the Pearson-Kelly Technology team from the comfort of her home office. She relied on Microsoft Teams to conference into office meetings. Now, she hopes to fall back into her normal office routine.”

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