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Chelsey Bode Innovates the Copier Space

Chelsey Bode may sell copy machines, but she's an original when running Pearson-Kelly Office Products. Even though her dad is still the owner, she’s proving that fresh ideas and tenacity are what will propel the brand into the future.

Thanks to our friends at Biz 417 Magazine for recognizing Chelsey Bode for her visionary skills and dedication to our clients! Scroll down to read the full article.

Sneek Peek

Bode continues to rely on her dad’s guidance and appreciates the way he does business. She’s keeping some things the same, like the company’s focus on putting customers first, including a promise to provide simple solutions no matter what the office needs. But she’s also bringing new ideas to the table. She spearheaded efforts to create a modern logo, reinvent the website, use social media for advertising and transition from pen and paper to digital. “Back in the day when [my dad] started, you put a copier in a van and drove around doing office demos and cold calls,” Bode says. “He has that logic, but the millennial generation has a completely different mind-set. I’ve opened his eyes to seeing things differently, that what was effective two decades ago isn’t anymore.”

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