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Advances in Technology = Cyber Attacks

In a world of advancing technology, keeping data safe has become necessary. The best time to start protecting your business...

In a world of advancing technology, keeping data safe has become a sought-out necessity. As the internet integrates itself into our daily lives through the abundance of smart devices, the avenues in which hackers use to steal information have only followed suit. Common security tools are struggling to keep up with the pace of advancing technology leaving your business more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

While the threats remain for anyone that owns a smart device, small businesses are even more susceptible to the risk of cyberattacks. Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report shows that 43% of all breaches involved small businesses.

Cyber attacks can be disastrous for any small business leading to stolen information, loss of funds and assets, and a reputation that lacks cybersecurity. For any small business, a recovery plan is a must-have to ensure the safety of you and your clients’ information. The best time to start protecting your business is now.

One-Click Away

Today, one wrong click on an unprotected computer is enough to spell out disaster for anyone. Cyber attacks are devious attempts to enter or destroy a computer system by installing dangerous malware. This can be especially disastrous for a small business leaving important client data vulnerable. A hacker can enter any device (mobile phone, computer, gaming consoles, etc.) by installing dangerous malware onto the device, most often through email, to break into the system and steal information. This means any smart device connected to your business could be one click away from a cyberattack.

What About my Antivirus?

Advancing technology creates easier access to cyber attacks suggesting an increased demand for tools in cybersecurity. Commonly, we see almost every new laptop or device accompanied by an antivirus subscription. This is a great place to start, but does it actually protect your computer from a cyber attack?

The widespread six-month trials suggest otherwise. While an antivirus provides peace of mind, it does not fully protect any device from cyberattacks. An antivirus reduces malware on your devices, but the most it can do is protect your devices from vulnerability. As technology advances, the need for security follows. Most common security tools cannot keep up with the changing technology leaving your antivirus outsourced before the trial is up.

Recovery Plan

The good news is, there are more than just tag along with antivirus subscriptions fighting to keep you and your clients’ information safe. Pearson-Kelly Technology offers an array of cybersecurity tools and solutions that help bridge the gap to security.

While an antivirus works at reducing all the junk on your computer, ConnectWise Fortify creates immediate insights on risks, quickly identifies threats and offers expert consultations to reduce the risk of a cyber attack. In the event of such an attack, ConnectWise Fortify has a recovery plan already in place for you. You can’t eliminate cyber threats and attacks completely. But these solutions align with best practices to keep you and your clients’ information secure.

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